MESA® (Managed Energy Services Agreements)

MESA® (Managed Energy Services Agreement) is an innovative business model created by SCIenergy that uses hidden energy savings to finance infrastructure upgrades.

Under MESA®, building owners pay SCIenergy a fee equivalent to or slightly less than their historical utility bill while SCIenergy assumes responsibility for the owner’s utility bills and pays for any upgrades through savings, disrupting traditional models by minimizing investment risk and project responsibility for owners.


  • Frees up valuable capex for core business activities
  • Solves ‘Split Incentive’ – MESA® is an operating expense that can be shared with tenants
  • Increases asset yield and reduces recurring O&M expenditures
  • Increases LEED & ENERGY STAR® ratings
  • Lowers risk –all construction and savings performance risk are with SCIenergy
  • Improved comfort, quality and reliability of tenant environment
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility requirements without additional cost
  • In the event of a sale, MESA® can be assigned to the buyer or be terminated.


  • Commercial office buildings, enclosed malls, private universities and hospitals, industrial and hospitality
  • Financially stable
  • Size: > 250,000 sq. ft. (or a portfolio of buildings equivalent in size)
  • Total energy expenditure: > $2.50/sq ft. and energy usage: > 75 kBTU/sq ft
  • Major HVAC systems: centralized
  • Existing backlog of deferred CAPEX needs

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